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Well-thought-out, thoroughly planned and analysis-based product development gives an advantage both in entering the product market and in remaining competitive in the market. 

The concept

The concept is the cornerstone of product development as it determines the must-haves and nice-to-haves of the product. Different solution variants are analyzed, and a fundamental solution is chosen, which determines the initial placement of the details and product design. 

Industrial design

In industrial design, we analyze what is essential for end users, what adds value to the product and how to differentiate the product from competitors. This way, the product reaches more customers and has a higher sales volume.

3D Visualization

3D visualization provides an opportunity to create a realistic idea of a product that may not yet exist. In addition, visualization allows you to quickly and with little effort take pictures of the product in a different environment, and change the surface treatment or colours of the materials. High-quality visuals create a basis for pre-selling products and creating marketing materials.


In the design phase, we create 3D CAD models of product details and assemblies. When designing the parts, we proceed from the product's technical requirements and develop the optimal geometry depending on the application of the product. 


We analyze the product as a whole and the functionality of the details. We simulate the behaviour of the details and assembly in the working environment.

The analysis of the technical properties provides information on strengths and the areas that need to be improved. It is then possible to make the product more durable or cheaper by reducing excess material. 
Prototyping & Manufacturing

The prototype provides an opportunity to check and test the product's features and make the necessary changes before starting production.

In the final phase of product development, we integrate the product into production and create the necessary documentation for production.

Need advice on developing a new product or improving an existing one?

We advise on making existing products more efficient, functional, and profitable. We create successful products from scratch that match your needs and desires. Let's talk more; send an inquiry.

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